• Split Pickup or Split Delivery fee $ 75.00 per stop
  • Delays to Equipment/Driver $75.00 per hour or fraction thereof
  • Diversion or Re-consignment charge (please call for exact rate)
  • Return Shipment Charge 75% of the outbound charge
  • Redelivery Charge: 75% of the outbound charge (from Carrier's yard)
  • Driver Assist $35.20 per hour
  • Equipment ordered but not used fee $93.50 plus $4.68 per mile (one direction)
  • Advancing charge 6% of monies advanced
  • Flatbed loads 15% surcharge
  • Appointment charge $15.00
  • Loads exceeding 45,000 pounds 6% surcharge
  • Equipment Per-diem charge $60.00 per day (charge for dropped trailers not released after 2 business days)
  • Drop trailer charge $93.50 plus $4.68 per mile-one direction (does not apply to customers that have 150 or more loads per year)
  • Service other than working hours charge; in addition to any charge, a 6-hour minimum charge of $38.00 per hour when service falls on weekends and holidays
  • Trailer Sweep out charge $25.00
  • Job Site (construction) charge $35.00


  1. Shipments to be loaded by Shipper and Unloaded by Consignee
  2. 2 hours permitted for Loading (Actual Placement of equipment)
  3. 2 hours permitted for Unloading (Actual Placement of equipment)
  4. All loads to be Shipper Load and Count on Dry vans, subject to provisions of the Bill of Lading Act of 1917
  5. All loads subject to a fuel surcharge
  6. Cargo value not to exceed $350,000
  7. Sequential mileage to be applied to split pick-ups & deliveries, diversions and re-consignments' to determine the base rate
  8. Cancellation notice required on all loads previously scheduled.
    1. 3-hour notice needed for any loads not exceeding 150 miles.
    2. 6-hour notice needed for any loads exceeding 150 miles but less than 250 miles
  9. Payment of freight bills are due in 15 days

or by phone: (877) 960-7344 



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We believe in keeping things simple. While we do offer special pricing to volume customers, RGE has one mileage rate sheet and it’s the same for everybody. We think it is only fair, not to mention easier for everybody to understand. 


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The fuel surcharge level will be adjusted on Monday of each week based on the California Average fuel index for the current week. The California Average Fuel index is published by the Energy information administration of the US Department of Energy and is available by:​

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