Need help organizing your yard for those peak periods, or longer? Our yard trucks are street ready for immediate delivery, even if it is only for a day. NOBODY but RGE can help with your yard problems faster and without long term contracts. Do twice as much work for less with our yard trucks. Another reason why we say “Geared to serve you better”.


The picture to the right is a particulate matter device unit that reduces air pollution, making each power unit compliant to California's new emission laws. Super single tires along with aluminum wheels reduce our footprint on the environment. We invest heavily in the future which insures you have a life-long Partner in business.


RGE has invested strategically in standardizing our trailers we feel that minimizing the loading time helps everybody. This year alone we have acquired 20 new trailers.

Our Equipment


Clean, green, and well-maintained RGE trucks and equipment reflect a positive image to our customers, while enhancing their image with their customers. If you take pride in your product, why not add value in your customers eyes' by utilizing RGE equipment and service. While having a clean piece of equipment and a professional driver delivering your goods, it will only take a few times before your customers will associate the commitment you have with their total satisfaction. RGE is well-equipped to be Southern California’s BEST short-haul truck load carrier and part of your shipping team.

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Expect the same quality on our flatbeds. These 48’ trailers are aluminum and can carry more weight because of their spread axles. Your load is secured since these flatbeds are equipped with sliding winches that place the strap at the right position for maximum safety of the product and on the road.


On the road to serve you better in Arizona, Nevada, Colorado, Utah and Northern California.


These power units weigh 13,600 pounds, making them great for shippers that haul heavy commodities. In most cases our tractors can legally pull 49,000 pounds of cargo. That is unheard of in our industry!