On behalf of RGE Truck Lines, Inc. and myself, I would like to thank you for taking the time to visit our web site. I am personally very proud of it because it is the beginning of a new frontier for RGE Truck Lines. I'm sure that it has some features that need improvement but rest assured that we will bring it up to award winning standards, just like we did with our unique and personalized service. Please feel free to peruse it at your convenience and I welcome your comments. Again, thank you for considering our service and experiencing the value that we bring to your shipping needs.


Gustavo I. Echeverria


This is who we are​

Commitment comes at a steep price today, with costs at an all time high. Still, we remain committed to giving you the best service this industry has to offer. Our most demanding shippers are receiving 95% and above on time deliveries. You'll find our commitment to serve is unmatched

Integrity is the bedrock of our business. We stand by our word and all written commitments because our bond is based upon our reputation and our company name. We deliver what we promise.

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Safety, Integrity, and Commitment to meet your transportation requirements – these are the guiding principles of RGE Truck Lines.

Safety first. Year after year, RGE Truck Lines earns the best safety record in the industry. Our vigilance is your protection. Did you know that under federal regulation, a shipper using unsafe carriers can be held partially accountable in the event of a major accident? Why take the risk? Check out our safety score by clicking here and entering our USDOT# 523064:

​We are a premium short-haul truckload carrier serving all counties within Southern California. We give our customers that “NOW” service that they require. If you ship to or from any county in Southern California, you can expect and be reassured of that “SAME DAY” service that we are known for, with no additional charge. Every hour our team strives to make RGE the best in the industry. If you ship short-haul, we want you to know that nobody does it better than RGE. We believe in giving you a service that is paramount in the transportation industry. We are located in Southern California’s business community. You can find us right off the 10-freeway just 20 miles east from the heart of downtown Los Angeles.